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Q. How will a supercharger affect my fuel economy?

A. An intercooled centrifugal supercharger increases engine efficiency. This in turn may actually increase fuel economy by allowing use of a larger prop, which in turn produces lower cruise rpm and fuel consumption.

Q. What are the benefits of supercharging?

A. Supercharging, when done correctly, simply generates the largest, most cost-effective increase in power. Intercooled centrifugal superchargers in particular not only produce the largest power gains available with pump gas, they also generate more torque and horsepower per dollar than any other high performance option. Suercharging allows an engine to essentially produce the power of a much larger, highly modified engine when needed with the fuel economy and drivability of a stock engine when the additional power is not needed.

Q. Do I need to change my propeller?

A. Changing your prop allows you to achieve the desired increase in speed without changing your rev limiter. The increase in pitch size is directly related to the increase in power and speed, as well as your desired engine rpm. Please refer to the "Performance Profiles" on Prochargers web site http://www.procharger.com  These profiles are actual applications which can help decide which pitch would work best. Most of the times 3"-4" pitch increases are appropriate.

Q. How does supercharging increase performance?

A. Superchargers achieve performance gains by increasing the density of the air/fuel charge within the combustion chambers of an engine. This increase in density is achieved by forcing additional amounts of air at the lowest temperature possible. Temperature is very important because cooler air is much more dense and therefore more powerful. Cool air also safely allows the use of factory ignition retard. In more technical terms, supercharging increases both the volumetric efficiency of the engine and the mass air flow through the engine.